10/10/10 - Global Work Party

This Sunday, at more than 6300 events in 187 countries, citizens around the world will shatter a dangerous myth: that the global climate movement has somehow disappeared.We'll show world leaders and the media that we're bigger, more diverse, and more creative than ever -- and that we simply won't give up until our planet, and those who live on it, are safe.
On Sunday, October 10 -- that's 10/10/10, a date to remember -- we will gather in
climate "work parties" around the globe to demonstrate our determination and trumpet a call to our governments: "We're getting to work... what about you?"
The more of us take part, the more unmistakable our message of determination to defeat climate change. And these parties won't just be vitally important; they'll be fun, too.Click below to find an event near you and RSVP (or register an event of your own) -- it's time to roll up our sleeves and take action:

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